Louise Chatterton

Office manager and PA

Louise comes from a marketing and creative services background, she’s managed design teams and worked on successful campaigns for clients including Marks and Spencer’s, Hilton Hotels, Tribeca Film Festival and the launch of The O2. After becoming a mother her priorities changed and she retrained to became a Montessori teacher; making her uniquely equipped to run our office and order our environment so that our creative impulses are nurtured.

Highly organised and unflappable, Louise studied French and Spanish at university and enjoys rough and tumbling with her two young sons.

What is your secret superpower?


What’s your proudest career moment?

I worked as a stage manager for Manchester University Student’s Union and my first gig was for a band I’d never heard of called Radiohead. I had to stop their sound check as it was time for the doors to open. Pulling on Thom Yorke’s trouser leg and telling him to get off the stage might not be necessarily be my proudest moment but definitely one I enjoy sharing.

What has been your most memorable theatre experience?

I must have been about 6 years old when my parents took me to Sweeney Todd on Drury Lane. I remember being absolutely petrified but the drama and excitement of it was thrilling and I have loved the theatre ever since (and had an irrational fear of old fashioned Barber Shops).