Louise Chatterton

Associate Producer

After harbouring a long-term desire to work within the theatre industry, Louise arrived at RGM in 2018.

Originally from a marketing and creative services background, Louise managed campaigns and design teams for a variety of different media and entertainment clients. However, her priorities changed after having children and she retrained in Montessori Pedagogy and Child Development at the MCI Institute in London.

After a few very fulfilling years teaching, her long time desire to work within the theatre industry got the better of her when she saw an ad for a part-time role as Garry’s assistant at RGM. She popped in to meet the team and felt at home straight away.  Still working closely with Garry, Louise gets involved in many aspects of the business; including production, international booking and marketing. She thoroughly enjoyed being part of the core team for the 2022 season of Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fashion Freak Show at The Roundhouse in London.

Louise has a BA Hons degree in Modern Languages from Manchester University and is able to use her French and Spanish skills when dealing with some of our international productions. Highly organised and unflappable, Louise loves the variety of the job and wishes she had started work in the theatre 20 years earlier!

What is your secret superpower?


What’s your proudest career moment?

Apart from starting to work in a brand new industry at a relatively advanced age, any proud past career moments seem very irrelevant now.  But I’ve had many amusing encounters. One of the earliest was when I worked as a stage manager for Manchester University Student’s Union and my first gig was for a band I’d never heard of called Radiohead. I had to stop their sound check as it was time for the doors to open. Pulling on Thom Yorke’s trouser leg and telling him to get off the stage is definitely not my proudest moment but it is one I enjoy sharing.

What has been your most memorable theatre experience?

I must have been about 6 years old when my parents took me to Sweeney Todd on Drury Lane. I remember being absolutely petrified but the drama and excitement of it was thrilling and I have loved the theatre ever since (and had an irrational fear of old fashioned Barber Shops).