Currents by Mayumana

With performers from more than 20 different nationalities, the multi-talented Mayumana have thrilled millions of people worldwide with their unique and exhilarating language of music, rhythm and movement.

Mayumana’s creators believe that everything around us possesses rhythm and each movement unlocks a sound.  They spend years developing each new show exploring different art forms, musical instruments and technologies.

What’s so striking about their vision is the way the performers create incredible unity and synchronicity whilst at the same time showcasing their unique gifts and individuality.

Currents is loosely inspired by the famous historic Battle of the Currents between Edison and Tesla (who developed AC/DC, the two kinds of electrical currents).

Two teams wage artistic war against one another.  Their arsenal of weapons include breath-taking choreography, acrobatic feats, heart-pounding percussive rhythms and music, dazzling lighting, acrobatic feats and cutting edge video art projection – all delivered with wit and more than a dash of mischief.

Twenty years ago Eylon Nuphar and Boaz Berman created the first Mayumana show.  They gathered a small and gifted group of artists from around the world who embodied a sense of mischief, a spark of madness and outrageous skills.  Hence the name Mayumana, deriving from the Hebrew word Meyumanuyot – meaning skill.  Mayumana is now one of Israel’s leading cultural exports.

*Currents is produced by Mayumana and RGM Productions holds certain producing, booking and management rights.


Art with no boundaries - see the music hear the movement.  The uniquely multi-talented troupe of artists ignite the senses with a thrilling blend of music, movement, acrobatics, dance, percussion, rhythm and video art.


"An indestructible global blockbuster!"

The New York Times

"A must for the eyes, ears and your feeling".

De Zondag, Brussels

"Wow! You will not stop being astonished".

Berliner Morgenpost, Berlin

"An international extravaganza of dance, music, humour and acrobatics".

Toronto Star, Canada

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