Another Kind of Blue

The passionate choreographer and creator David Middendorp is creating a new and exciting show based on his trademark mix of modern dance and technology.

Technological innovation brings both progress and friction in our world.  Man with his imagination and emotion is right in front of cold and emotionless technological developments such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and drones. Or does technology have more similarities with humans than we think?

Middendorp deals with reality in a playful way and investigates the way in which technology seems to play a growing role in its formation.

Flirt with Reality premieres in the Netherlands in October.  In it he shows how boundaries fade in our increasingly virtual world and how this creates new opportunities at the same time. Dancers literally collide with digital bits and drones, are free of time and gravity and are propelled by their own feeling, fantasy and rhythm.

*Flirt with Reality is produced by Another Kind of Blue and RGM Productions holds international booking rights in the UK, USA and China.



As seen on Britain’s Got Talent 2016, dance meets technology to create a magical and inspiring experience. Flirt with Reality premieres in the Netherlands this October.


This is the start of a bigger role for technology in the dance world.


A magical-surreal interplay of video image, music and dance.


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