Jamie is back in the Spotlight

After postponing our Australian national tour of Everybody’s Talking About Jamie (RGM Productions in association with NIMAX and the Sydney Opera House) due to Covid, we are thrilled to be working on planning for 2023/4.   In London Jamie is about to come out of the darkness and back into the spotlight … and back to the West End’s Apollo Theatre on May 20th 2021!

We must also celebrate our successful booking (despite the pandemic) of Jamie’s Asian premiere last July in Seoul. The South Korean production played 81 performances between 4 July to 12 September and featured many different performers in the role of Jamie New.  Ren, well known as a vocalist in local band NUEST, MJ from the band Astro and Japanese performer Yusuke all played the role of Jamie and all four actors took to the stage to perform the show’s opening number.

And in breaking news, Jamie’s world domination continues… we are thrilled to announce that we are bringing Jamie to Japan’s Brillia theatre from August 8th to the 29th, 2021. More info can be found here.